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Our Mission

At Prime Investments Group, our mission is to help seasoned real estate investors, real estate professionals, homeowners, and newcomers with all their private lending, consulting, and real estate investing needs. We are a New Jersey Limited Liability Company formed for the sole purpose of building, renovating, and rehabbing homes to meet the affordability, maintenance, and design needs of today’s families.

Our Financial Services

We assist homeowners in default or owners of distressed properties by providing strategic funding, negotiation assistance, and other resolutions


We’ll walk you through your first house flipping experience step by step, keeping the process moving while guiding you through the various challenges and minefields that come with transforming a property.


We assist homeowners by funding all renovations and other improvements to maximize the value of their properties.


We offer a wide variety of private lending options, from bridge loans and transactional funding to deposit for contracts/flips and even proof of funds


You Have Options!

If you’re a homeowner who has recently found themselves in distress or default, the first thing you need to realize is that you have options.

Our team can help evaluate your situation and find the best solution, be it a pig bailout, piggyback, or any of the many other options we offer. From loan modifications to short sales to cash-for-keys sales, we have your back and your best interests at heart.

    • Suddenly incur a new financial burden?
    • Need to relocate for a job?
    • Getting Divorced?
    • Facing a foreclosure, lien, or forbearance?

The Prime Investments Group team is ready and willing to help no matter the situation. Maybe you want to sell but need repairs to maximize profits? Maybe you’re just looking for a hard money lender? Maybe you need a total bailout for your distressed property? No matter the circumstances, we can help. And because we understand homeowners in distress may not be able to contribute financially, we guarantee you’ll put up $0 through the whole process until after the deal is completed

Pre-Sale Renovation with No Upfront Cost

The focus of a renovation project to sell your home is a lot different than that of a typical renovation. Your upgrades should ultimately meet the needs of the largest pool of potential buyers. At Prime Investments Group,  will make sure your renovation project meets the following criteria:

      1. Make sure the upgrade will attract a broad range of buyers.
      2. Choose neutral, classic materials that appeal to lots of people and will not go out of style.
      3. Avoid spending money on projects that will not increase the value of the home.

Time is of the essence when starting a renovation project before a sale. It is of the utmost importance to choose a contractor or renovation company that respects your timeline and will produce quality work. Prime Investments Group partners with multiple contractors in the New Jersey area – companies that fit our values and understand our needs when it comes to a pre-sale renovation project.

We will help you choose those renovation projects that add value to your home. Often a quality home just needs a face-lift, which is why we focus on cosmetic upgrades that will lead to great property photography and attract more buyers to the showings – things like painting, new flooring, trim repairs, and landscaping. We will also consider upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms if the materials are extremely outdated or not in good shape. In some scenarios, kitchen cabinets can be saved and painted to save time and money while still dramatically changing the look of your home. And because we understand each specific area of the New Jersey real estate market, we are always careful not to over-renovate properties.

Once your renovation project is complete, you can list your client’s home on the market and enjoy pouring over the multiple offers. Remember, Prime Investments Group does not get paid for our work until the house sells! We are confident that our renovation work will lead to a quick sale at the best price possible

Steps to Your Financial Freedom

Call us directly or fill out our online questionnaire detailing your current situation.

Step 2

Our team of experts will review the details and provide a free, no-hassle phone consultation where we can determine the solution that best fits your needs.

Step 3

Next, we’ll schedule an in-person or virtual call to go over our strategic options. Once we decide what’s best for you, we’ll get the process started right away.

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