Our years of experience and proprietary resources allow us to maximize ROIs for our investors.

We capitalize on distressed properties by purchasing them at low cost and creating instant equity and value with top-notch renovations.

Prime Investments Group purchases residential & commercial properties in most major cities, including single and multi-family homes, off-market deals, developments, and any property that has high upside potential. Our exit strategies include selling and, in some cases, refinancing out. In all cases, we go with whatever yields the highest ROI for our clients. We work hard to cater to our investors’ needs, whether it is flipping to build short-term capital or refinancing out of deals to build rental cash flow for long-term holds.

Real estate investing is an excellent way to achieve your financial goals passively,  free of all the hassles that come with traditional investing. If you’re at all familiar with investing, you know that there’s a lot of work involved. Fortunately, Prime Investments Group handles all of the work on your behalf.  Not only that, but we also take the guesswork out of the investment process. That means you get to come onboard after we’ve done all the homework!

To put it simply: this is real estate investing made as easy as possible. We’re doing all of the heavy lifting and number crunching so that you can just sit back and let your money make money. At Prime Investments Group, we firmly believe in sharing the wealth, and we’re excited to have you as a partner.