It all starts with a single property. When you engage our Private Consulting team, you get access to all of our knowledge and experience. We’ll walk you through your first house flipping experience step by step, keeping the process moving while guiding you through the various challenges and minefields that come with transforming a property.

A house flipping experience can range from a wise investment to a complete money pit, and the process involved in ensuring success can be overwhelming. Our team’s proficiency in the real estate industry means that we can provide first-time house flippers with the guidance they need to maximize their profits. In fact, with our professional help, you can save thousands on retail pricing for kitchen cabinets, windows, roofing, and even legal documents.

How We Set Your Investment Up For Success

We offer guidance throughout every step of your house flipping project.

      1. Prior to purchasing, we’ll take a look at the property to evaluate the scope of work and put together an accurate rehab estimate.
      2. Once the property is actually purchased, we will collaborate on a design plan and finalize the scope of work.
      3. Depending on your preference, our team will contribute at various stages of the project. Whenever you feel like you need some support, we’ll be there.

We offer unlimited consulting through email, text, video chat, or phone calls, so you can contact us at any time throughout the project. Our fee can also be paid at closing so that it can easily be rolled into the cost of the property – just to keep things simple. The transformation is about to begin, and with our help, you’ll see nothing but success. Get started today!


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