We are hard money lenders that invest in people and their ideas, not their credit scores and bank statements. We know you have to move fast in the real estate industry. That’s why with Prime Investments Group, you can be approved for a property loan within days.


Don’t worry about struggling to apply for residential fix and flip loans. We’re here to make the process easier and more reliable. Let us worry about the loan while you concentrate on more important matters. Whether you’re new to private lending or not, our company can provide professional support while helping you understand which approach will deliver the best return!

Fix and Flip –  Traditional loans typically take weeks to be approved. Prime Investment Group, we can go through your paperwork in a matter of days, so you can start buying properties for your projects.

Fix and Hold –  Due to high risk, many banks will not approve loans for properties bought in “as in” condition. Luckily, we understand the investment process, and we want to help.

Fixed – Rate – Rental Products –There’s no sense in tying up all of your money in one single asset. We will help you fund multiple ventures without completely draining your savings.

The Value We Bring to Hard Money Fix & Flip Loans

      1. Here are some points detailing why you should partner with us. We offer interest rates of no more than 7.99% as well as flexible repayment plans. You also have the option to repay over 6-24 months without penalty!
      2. You can also communicate with us and allow experts from our team to join you in visiting the property.

Fixed-Rate Rental Loans

Improving your rental prospects is an important part of renovating your property. When you choose Prime Investments Group for your private lending needs, we can offer a variety of fixed-rate rental loans as well as support regarding the development of your project.

The Value We Bring to Hard Money Rental Loans

      1. We can provide 30-year fixed home loans with a minimum balance of $100k. We can even help finance condos and townhouses at interest rates as low as 3.75%.
      2. We charge no extra fees for foreign investors and promise not to lock you into any complex loan scenarios. Just pay 1 to 3% in prepayment according to your amortization rate. We’ll monitor and approve the rest in real-time.

Ground Up Construction Loans

We provide reliable, low-interest loans for construction projects of all kinds. We can also tailor your loan details precisely to your plans and goals.

The Value We Bring to Ground Up Property Financing

      1. We offer mixed or composite use property financing with loans ranging up to $5 million with no prepayment penalties.
      2. Each loan includes 12-to-18 months as well as an extra six months if needed.

Fix-to-Rent Loans

Not confident in traditional bank loans? We can help provide fix-to-rent loans with tailormade finance-based solutions. As real estate investors, our goal is to provide you with a loan in as little time as possible!

The Value We Bring to Fix to Rent Loans

      1. We are your one-stop-shop for private lending. We provide bridge loans ranging from 12 to 18 months or up to 30 years for permanent financing.
      1. This includes a loan range of $75,000 to $1 million per property. You can have $1 million to $20 million per portfolio as well as bridge loans if required. And if you need more permanent financing, we can offer an additional $80,000.


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